Your Moodle username is your Edinburgh College Matriculation number, beginning with 'ec1'. You can find this either on your student card, or in any welcome correspondence received from Edinburgh College at the beginning of your course.

Your Moodle password is the same as your Edinburgh College network password (i.e. what you use to log in to Edinburgh College public computers or Office365).

How you initially log in depends on your Mode of Attendance

Full-time / Part-time / Evening / Day Release

If your course requires you to attend a college campus, you must log in to a college computer and reset your password prior to accessing any online services, including Student Portal, Moodle, Office365 and the College Wi-Fi network.

For new students, your password will be changemeDDMMYYYY (where DDMMYYYY is your date of birth).

Distance / Flexible / Outreach

Where your course does not require your attendance at a college campus, you can immediately log in to our online services, including Student Portal, Moodle and Office365 without having to change your password.

For new students, your password will be changemeDDMMYYYY (where DDMMYYYY is your date of birth).

It is, however, still advised that you create a more personal password when you have time. See Self-Service method below.

Moodle Guide for Open / Distance courses

If you are a returning student who has a Matriculation number starting with ec13, ec14, ec15, ec16 or ec17, your password will expire after 90 days. If your password was last set more than than 90 days ago, you will need to reset your password now. See below for more infomation.

Your Edinburgh College network account will expire 90 days after the official End Date of your current course. After this time you will lose access to all Edinburgh College online services, including Student Portal, Moodle, Office365 and the College Wi-Fi network.

Your account will be re-activated once you have enrolled on a current course.


You can reset your password at any time while logged in to a college computer by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL together.

You can also have your password reset by visiting the Learning Resource Center or Library at any of our four main campuses.


Registering Your Security Questions

If you have an active password you can now register your security questions so you can reset it in the future without contacting the helpdesk.

Register security questions

Already Registered?

If you have forgotten your password and you have already registered your security questions you can now reset your own password.

Reset Password


If you have not yet registered for self-service password reset and are having trouble logging in, please contact   IT Helpdesk.

Every student will have a matriculation number, which starts with 'ec', followed by numbers. This is your username for Moodle and other college systems. You will find this number on your student card or any 'Welcome' correspondence received from the college when your course began.

Are you a student, but don't know your student number?

Please contact your lecturer or course contact in the first instance. If you are still having trouble or don't know who this might be, contact us at and we'll try to help. Please include your full name and the name of the course you are studying within the email.

Users who DO NOT login using an Edinburgh College ID

There are some users who use Moodle without an associated Edinburgh College account. These users will be able to request a password reset by clicking the button below and following any on-screen instructions. Please note, this will work ONLY for those users who do not use an Edinburgh College account when using Moodle and are currently logged in. This service can be used to recover a lost password or change a known password. Please contact for assistance.

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